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Emotional Agility

Do you have the skills to quickly identify, stop, change and create the emotions that you want and whenever you want in your body? Do your negative emotions torment you? Do you want to learn the skills to manage your emotions like a master? Don't worry! Now you can learn to do that. Emotional Agility Programs will make you the master of your own emotions.

Business Startup

27 million youth lost their jobs just in April 2020 due to Coronavirus Pandemic and nationwide lockdown in India alone. The only option for survival is - Start Your Own Business. Don't know do to do, where to start and how to go about it? Don't worry! We will cover you. Our End-to-End Business Startup Coaching will take you through.

Depression & Stress

1 out of 4 youths in the world has felt suicidal feelings during the Covid 19 Pandemic. Everyone experiences depression sometime during the lifetime. Are you fortified and immune against depression? Are you equipped and prepared to win against depression? Train before it's late.

Mind for Growth

Growing is not as simple for many as thought. Growth is not just external achievement of things, but primarily an 'Internal State of Mind'. In 'Mind for Growth' Nelson Negi will work with you to create a mind which will propel you towards growth and success. Once you have a mind you can launch yourself to great heights.

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What some of our clients say?

We have clients from various parts of the world

Dinesh Gosai

Trainer & Coach - India

Mr Nelson, I personally found to be very much quality conscious, always gets to the heart of the things very fast, supremely non-judgmental & a wonderful human being. Greatly recommend for someone who is looking forward for quality coaching and training.

Peter Whittaker

Trainer & Entrepreneur - UK

WOW! I never knew how life changing it was really going to be. As I went through the sessions more and more lights came on as to why I did certain things and the good news was how I could stop doing them. Nelson Negi is a skillful and proficient Trainer and Coach.

Puneet Trehan

Manager & Trainer - India

Nelson is a thorough professional, one who is deeply interested in your development. He works on what drives you most in order for you to design your own learning curve, hear your own inner voice encouraging you to go for it, and at the end feeling great about it. I’m lucky that I got an opportunity to be with him right at the onset of my Neuro-Semantics journey.

Victoria Raphael

Coach & Entrepreneur - USA

Nelson opened a whole new door for me by introducing me to NLP. As he incorporated this into our coaching sessions, I found myself being drawn towards my goal in a deeper way. I truly respect the work Nelson is doing and would advise any business person to explore NLP and savor the results.

Our Strength

Our strengths are our values of respect, integrity and contribution into the lives of others to see them grow stronger, overcome life barriers and reach out to achieve their goals and realize their dreams.

Why Choose Nelson Negi


Nelson Negi brings in a rich and knowledgeable coaching experience of more than 25 years into the sessions for his clients and get them quick and long-lasting results.

Best Tools & Models

Out of an intense learning Nelson is able to use varied sets of coaching tools and models. He also has designed his own Coaching Model to help his clients achieve their goals. His extensive and in-depth knowledge of NLP and Neuro Semantics (Mind Tool) and other coaching models makes his coaching session very empowering and life-changing.

Optimum Results in Short Time

The tools he uses in his coaching process are very powerful and result orienting. His understanding of how the brain runs and how to make changes in the neurology gives him a leading edge in Training and Coaching practice. A specialist is known by the results he brings to the table.

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For What?
Depression, Stress, Emotion Management, Dealing with Traumatic Memory, Business Startup, Goal Setting, Problem-Solving, Changing Unwanted Behavior.