Nelson Negi is a International Coach Federation (ICF) Member

Some clients like to take a look at the credentials of the coach they would like to coach them. And that is perfectly alright, because:

  1. Every person has all the right to know whom they are coaching with and how authentic the coach is.
  2. The qualifications and credentials of the coach helps the clients to decide if he/she is the right coach for them and the issues they want to work with.
  3. Nobody should commit to pay for a service they are not fully aware of as to what the service/coach will do for them. After all our money is a hard earned money and we must be responsible towards it.

So Please find below Nelson Negi’s qualifications and credentials/certifications along with links to view the certificates:

  1. NLP Practitioners – View 1, 2, 3
  2. NLP Master PractitionerView
  3. Neuro Semantics – Accessing Personal Genius (Self-Leadership) – ISNS, USA – View
  4. Neuro Semantics TrainerView
  5. Neuro Semantics Self-Actualization Diploma – ISNS, USA – View
  6. Certified Professional Coach – International Coach Academy, Australia – View
  7. MBA (HRM & IBM) – ASU, USA – View
  8. NLP Communication, Emotional Intelligence & Change Management Coach – SNLP, USA – View
  9. Diploma in Business EntrepreneurshipView
  10. Six Sigma Green BeltView